CPP Bags

Magnet Packaging manufactures a wide variety of polypropylene bags. These are flat bags, with or without bottom gussets or lips, plain or custom printed up to four colours. Polypropylene tape seal bags are also available in permanent (tamper evident) or resealable styles. Different UM thickness are available, and these bags can be used for many different applications such as greeting cards, sweet bags, magazine covers – hosiery.

General points about Polypropylene Poly Bags

– Excellent Clarity: Polypropylene has superior clarity compared to LDPE. Polypropylene is typically used in applications where maximum clarity is desired, such as candy packaging, greeting cards, art prints, etc.

– Stiffer, Stronger: Although less dense than LDPE materials, polypropylene’s molecular weight distribution makes the polypropylene bags feel stronger and stiffer in a same um thickness comparison.

Better Moisture Barrier Properties: Polypropylene has better protection properties than LDPE, but slightly less protection than HDPE. The disadvantage with polypropylene is that it is typically produced as a side welds structure, which has a slight risk of developing pinholes in the seal, defeating the moisture retention properties.

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