Packaging Tape



Packaging Tape

Whether you are shipping lots of packages or just a few, we carry all of the packaging tape for shipping you need. For the most reliable holds, look for packaging tape that meet Australia Post regulations, as well as those with the right widths and durability for the packages you plan to ship. Be sure to review all of our packaging tape choices, including our assortment of packing specialty tapes, to find all of the packing tapes you need.

The Best Hold
When choosing a packaging tape, you want to make sure it will endure any rough handling or environmental concerns, like temperature. While many shipping packaging tape may work for smaller or lighter packages, consider commercial-grade tapes that resist splitting and bursting for larger or heavier packages. Look for acrylic tapes as well as hot melt tapes, which each have properties that may be suited to your particular needs. For example, some hot melt adhesives seal out moisture, dust and dirt.

Ease of Use
Choose packaging tape that will fit your dispenser or that come with included dispensers, or opt for those that can be easily torn by hand, like a paper tape. To ensure that you have all of the shipping tape you need, you can opt for single rolls or packages of multiple rolls, with some packages featuring several dozen rolls. Consider tapes that unwind easily and quietly, especially if you’ll be shipping a lot of boxes regularly.