Plastic Poly Bags



Two things about Plastic Poly Bags

  1.  Plastic Poly Bags facilitate exceptional graphics; and
  2. the construction and process maintain bags looking good – through the process of filling, handling and delivery, entirely to the retail shelves.
  3. Plastic Poly Bags provide
    1. Visual superiority
    The printing surface in the bag is ultra-clear POLYPROPOLYNE motion picture, which adds another layer regarding product protection, but also can be quite smooth and an excellent graphics “carrier, ” allowing for the particular brightest and sharpest images. For the very first time in packaging for products just like seeds and animal feeds, you have the best of both industrys: a structur-ally strong package along with great graphics. With traditional multiwall paper hand bags durability must be compromised in the interests of graphics; that is not a problem with POLYPROPOLYNE packaging.
    2. Sincerity maintained
    The printing is done within the backside of the film, which is, “reverse” printed. When you look at the bag graphics, then, you are searching through a the film buffer, like peering through a screen. That maintains the integrity in the graphics, no matter how moment or detailed, because someone or something might need to penetrate the film to reach the print, as opposed to hands or maybe machines scratching or rubbing from the ink as can occur when the print sits on top of paper. The barrier also defends against environmental substances, like sauces, water and oils, as well concerning guard the integrity of the product or service nutrients.
    Bags of multi-wall document vs. paper laminated vs. POLYPROPOLYNE laminated

There is more information on quality, durability, graphics and expense benefits – some less clear than others. For example, take into account how woven polypropylene bags substantially reduce losses from damage while in distribution. Producers know that one leaking bag may lead to the return of an entire pallet of product plus a substantial impact on profitability along with retailer satisfaction. Now, with POLYPROPOLYNE presentation, producers know that when merchandise leave their plants, they to expect to satisfy distribution and buyer needs without damage or malfunction. In doing so, POLYPROPOLYNE/PP may be the packaging that delivers the lowest overall cost for the producer and the greatest satisfaction for the customer.
POLYPROPOLYNE laminated woven polypropylene hand bags
A modern economical alternative in order to multi-wall kraft paper bags, woven POLYPROPOLYNE laminated bags features premium quality graphics and is ideally suited to the consumer retail market. It’s perfectly suited for the packing of pet food, wild chook seed, animal feeds, minerals, sodium, and chemicals.
Wrapping up: POLYPROPOLYNE laminated tote is popular
POLYPROPOLYNE films present you with a unique combination of properties for example better shrinkage, stiffness, transparency, sealability, pose retention and barrier. In inclusion, an exciting technique using POLYPROPOLYNE film have been developed to enhance the printing of an woven polypropylene bag. By reverse printing the POLYPROPOLYNE film, it can then be laminated to an already strong woven polypropylene tote. This allows for the same premium quality graphic printing on woven bags previously only entirely on multi-wall paper and polyethylene hand bags.
Plastic Poly Bags are taking a lot more of the market share in the multi-wall bag industry. The shiny, slick, professional print of the POLYPROPOLYNE film in addition to its economical pricing and popular strength gives it strong shelf appeal and also the reputation of becoming the overall printed bag of preference.
Plastic Poly Bags substantially reduce losses from damage while in distribution and provide quality, durability, graphics and c